Best Standalones to Get You Out of a Slump

Hey, my morally gray besties. I hope you are all having a great week. I have been in a MAJOR book slump lately. This happens from time to time and sometimes you just need something new. I am more of a series reader but sometimes I need a good standalone to reset my reading. SometimesContinue reading “Best Standalones to Get You Out of a Slump”

10 Bookish Gifts to Add to Your List!

Hey, my morally gray besties! I wanted to bring you the perfect shopping guide for all the book lovers in your life. It can be hard to buy a book lover a gift, they have an endless TBR and have probably told you about 1000 books they wanted this year alone and it can beContinue reading “10 Bookish Gifts to Add to Your List!”